Feedback needed as we update our Strategic Plan

Feedback needed as we update our Strategic Plan
Posted on 04/08/2019
Dear Cumberland Valley Parents/Guardians:

As we begin to work through the process to update our Strategic Plan, which serves as a guiding document for upcoming school years, we find it imperative to gather feedback from all stakeholders. We will do so through the use of a survey and we would sincerely appreciate your feedback. Survey link below.


While the survey is completely anonymous, it is helpful to know the school(s) and grade level(s) to which you are gearing you answers. Additionally, as our population continues to grow, it is helpful to know how long you have lived in CV and why you moved to this area.

There are also several questions regarding thoughts and feelings on your school(s). Please know that, should you have more than one school-aged child, these questions are written so that you may answer generally for all schools. However, if you wish to answer questions specifically for each building, you are welcome to complete the survey more than once, checking only the name of the school in which you are considering for each survey.

Parent survey link:


It is imperative that we receive student feedback as we begin to update our Strategic Plan. The student survey, as is the parent survey, is voluntary and anonymous, and is written in a way that would allow for students in fourth/fifth grade and up to complete independently. However, that does not mean that we do not value the opinions of our younger students. We encourage parents to help younger children complete the survey as a family. Additionally, we recommend that, even if your child completes the survey independently, you take this opportunity to talk about school as a family.

We will post a message to Schoology on Wednesday that includes the link to the survey. Please note that, at that time, students will receive notification in their CV-provide Gmail account of our posting. However, the posting will indicate that they should not complete the survey without parent permission and they should not complete should they have already done so at home. Please know that, should a student click the link in their Gmail message, the survey does NOT track their email address. The survey is completely anonymous. Should you not want your child(ren) to complete the survey independently, please talk with them prior to the link being posted to Schoology.

Student survey link:

As you complete the survey, please know that while the questions on the survey may seem simple in and of themselves, they are thoughtfully crafted through all stakeholders and address the core of what happens in our schools every day.

Thank you for your feedback.
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