Learning Grant - Teacher Resource Page

This page is targeted to CV teachers and professional staff
to access more information about LEARNING GRANTS
funded by the Eagle Foundation.  

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Eligible Applicants: District professional staff as well as advisors and/or coaches of CVSD sanctioned clubs for innovative projects directly benefitting students.

  • The application is SHORT & EASY to complete
  • You can apply at ANYTIME of the year

Applications are reviewed twice a year. This school year,
they will be reviewed by the Committee shortly after:

Oct. 11, 2023 and Jan. 16, 2024

A Successful Applicant Should: 

  • Consider collaborating with another teacher in your grade level, department, or building
  • Have clear outcomes on how students will benefit from the resources you are requesting
  • Prior to applying, talk with your supervisor to ask if there are funds within the building or PTO budget that may fit your project
  • Review ALL criteria and edit your plan so it fits as many criteria as possible


What are the Criteria?

The basics are spelled out here in a 2 minute video if you'd prefer watching! 

More favorable consideration likely for projects meeting multiple criteria points:

  1. Project encourages collaboration and cross-curricular work (among different grades/buildings/departments)
  2. Project is cost effective based on the number who will benefit
  3. Project is innovative and promotes creativity
  4. Project aligns with the District’s goals, curriculum and current resources
  5. Project has the potential to influence teaching and learning practices District-wide
See the SAMPLE of approved applications at the bottom of the page.  
Please note these are simply here to give you guidance on applications that were reviewed favorably. The project itself should not be replicated on a new application.  

Ineligible projects – Projects that include standard school supplies and equipment, furniture or alternative furniture, other standard curriculum or duplication of existing projects. Eagle Foundation grants cannot be used for the salary of teachers, administrators or other school personnel. Similarly, while there are currently no restrictions on technology device requests, projects requesting funding for peripherals using existing District technology will be looked at more favorably versus requests for new devices. Please see the information under the Technology Requests section within the application for additional information.  

Applications can be completed through this Google form (be sure to log into your cvschools.org Google account when completing the form).   

SAMPLE 1 Eagle Foundation Approved Grant - Elem. level.pdf 
SAMPLE 2 Eagle Foundation Approved Grant - Elem. level.pdf

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