10-12 High School Courses


Culinary Essentials I

Culinary Essentials I is a foods and nutrition course that provides opportunities to practice food preparation and food safety methods. Students taste and evaluate all foods prepared in this class. Nutrition, food science, and consumer concepts are interwoven food science, and consumer concepts are interwoven with the selection and preparation of food. Student activities explore choices and techniques of food preparation that are compatible with today’s lifestyle.

Culinary Essentials II
All students successfully passing Culinary Essentials I can elect Culinary Essentials II. This course continues the study of food preparation with emphasis on new specialized units. Students participate in lab activities and acquire background knowledge involving nutrition, food science, and consumer information. This course is recommended for those who want to learn an independent living skill or for those who are considering a career in the food industry.

Food Works
This is a food science and nutrition course for specific culinary skills, with emphasis on baking and pastry techniques. Students participate in lab activities and acquire background knowledge involving nutrition, food science, and consumer information

Global Cuisine
Do you enjoy learning about the customs and cuisine of other countries? Do you like tasting new and different foods? This course is like a trip around the world. It allows you to look at how food customs have developed through the climate, geography, and cultures of countries worldwide. American regional cuisine is also investigated. Preparation and tasting of food is an important aspect of the course. A desire to taste different foods is expected!

Textiles, Fashion, and Apparel Studio
Welcome to the exciting world of textiles, fashion, and apparel. This course is designed to learn the basics of apparel construction, including basic hand and machine techniques and how to use a pattern. Skills learned will enable students to construct outfits and accessories to wear or use. In addition, basic fashion design and merchandising concepts are covered. Note: Students are required to furnish their own materials and supplies for approved projects.

Advanced Textiles, Fashion, and Apparel Studio
This class is for students who desire to learn more skills and complete more advanced work in the field of clothing and textiles. Information will be reviewed from previous clothing classes and new concepts will be taught. This class allows more flexibility when choosing projects than the first clothing class. Students must furnish their own materials for projects.

Human Development and Family Studies
Students will explore individual and family development across the lifespan. Students will explore roles, responsibilities, and dynamics of interpersonal relationships as they relate to the interpersonal relationships as they relate to the family. Topics include development, strong families, relationships, parenting, child development, balancing work and family, resource management, personal and family crisis, aging adults, and community service. Students will have the opportunity to work with the RealCare Baby in this course.

Foundations of Education & Teaching
Students will explore the world of education and investigate teaching as a profession. Students will
examine the path to becoming a teacher and analyze the needed skill set to become an effective educator in today’s society. Students who successfully complete this course can be connected with a related internship in their junior or senior year.

Housing and Interior Design
This class is designed to help students identify and make housing and interior design decisions based upon the preferences and needs of the consumer. Students will learn about housing needs, architectural and furniture styles and the elements and principles of design. Students will use this information to create plans for interior environments to meet the need of individuals and families.

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