Special Education

Special Education

The Cumberland Valley School District provides the necessary programs to meet the unique needs of identified children. Such children are identified through a process that is in compliance with federal and state standards.

Referrals for requesting special services are customarily made by the teacher to the principal and/or counselor of the school. Parent(s) can also refer a child for special services by writing to the principal or counselor assigned to the school where their child attends. Parents may also contact the Director of Special Education at (717) 506-3337. Following a thorough multi-disciplinary evaluation, the MDE team (composed of parents and school personnel) makes recommendations for appropriate programming. If the student is deemed exceptional and in need of special education, an Individual Education Program (I.E.P.) is mutually agreed upon and implemented.

It is the intent of the Cumberland Valley School District to serve children with disabilities in the school they would normally attend whenever possible. The District has eight elementary schools, each of which can provide programs for instruction in basic skill acquisition. At the secondary level each of the two middle schools and the Cumberland Valley High School can provide programs that address the needs of learners for either direct instruction or support.

Guidance counselors are assigned to all schools (K-12) and are available to assist parents and their children in all phases of their personal and/or educational development. These include course selection, career choices, schedule changes, college matriculation, test interpretation, and any other area in which a parent or student may need assistance.

School psychologists are available to do individual testing, to meet with students and parents, and to provide the staff with important information to resolve students’ personal and/or educational problems.

Please click here for information on contacting a member of the Special Education department.

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