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This webpage is designed to help parents learn about
the services of the school psychologists in CVSD.


Mrs. Kristen Allen provides services to CV 9 and Mountain View Middle School students. 
Contact Information:  717-697-8261 or [email protected].

Ms. Kristen Berry provides services to Silver Spring Elementary and Hampden Elementary.  Contact information: 717- 506-3755 (Silver Spring) or Hampden (717-737-4513) or [email protected].

Ms. Kristy Bankert provides services to the students in Mountain View Middle School
Contact Information:  717-697-1960 or [email protected]
Ms. Shelby Grubesky provides services to students in Eagle View Middle School. 
Contact Information: 717-506-3805 or [email protected]

Ms. Kristin Klingensmith provides services to students at Shaull Elementary.  Contact Information: 717-732-2460 or [email protected]

Ms. Kara Perella provides services to students at Winding Creek Elementary School.
Contact Information: 717-620-2525 or [email protected]

Mr. Garry Maus  provides services to the students at CV High School.
Contact Information: 717-506-3635 or [email protected].

Dr. Jessica Petronis provides services to the children and families of Sporting Hill Elementary.  Contact Information: Sporting Hill (717-761-5052) or [email protected].  

Ms. Stacie Witmer provides services to Middlesex Elementary and Monroe Elementary
Contact Information: Middlesex (717-249-5586), Monroe (717-258-6208) or [email protected].


School psychologists at Cumberland Valley School District have two main job functions.  First, we consult with parents and teachers about a student's educational progress through the Child Staffing/Study Team and Student Assistance Team models.  Second, we assess students to determine if they a) have disabilities and are in need of special education, b) have disabilities and are in need of a 504 plan, and c) are mentally gifted and in need of gifted support services.  School psychologists also provide short-term direct intervention to students in crisis situations. 


If you have a concern about your child's educational progress, please contact your child's teacher and/or school counselor.  A Child Study Team meeting may be held, which may include you, your child's teacher(s), the school counselor, the school psychologist, the principal, and any other educational professionals that work with your child.  Information concerning your child's development, behavior, and socialization at home; academic progress at school; behavior and socialization at school; and the results of academic or behavioral screenings may be discussed.  The Child Study Team will brainstorm ways in which you and the school personnel can support your child's progress and decide whether to refer your child for more in-depth evaluation if a disability is suspected.


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