Baby Eagles and Swim School

Baby Eagles/Swim School

Baby Eagles and Swim School FALL Schedule:
October 16 - October 27th (NOTE: There will be NO CLASS on 10/20)
Baby Eagles 6:15pm-7:00pm
Swim School 7:15pm-8:00pm
Registration will be done ONLINE ONLY 
Registration date is scheduled for 10/10/23 at 5pm.

Questions? email Patti Schwenger at [email protected]

When available, you may Register For Fall classes here:

**For step by step directions on signing up for Baby Eagles/Swim School, please download attachment below.**

Parents of Swim School Students are NOT ALLOWED in the locker rooms

**Classes and times subject to change**

All classes will be first come first serve and close at 20 participants.

**If you cancel before classes begin, you will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.**

Our program is safety centered and technique oriented. The skills and drills we teach are crucial building blocks in the development of technically sound swimmers. Each level comes with its own checklist of skills a swimmer needs to accomplish before advancement. This ensures proper stroke development and restricts the carryover of bad habits, which are hard to break if the swimmer is incorrectly placed in levels that do not match their skill base. Please be patient with your child and our program. It is normal to repeat levels, especially level 1. Please give this thoughtful consideration before registering.


Level 1

Children placed in this beginning level have not yet mastered the skills necessary to be comfortable or safe in the water. Pre swimming drills must be mastered before we will place a child in higher levels or ask them to swim laps. These skills and drills include: proper intake and output of air, submerging underwater, floating on front and back, kickboard work, rolling to a proper breathing position, treading water and deep water adjustment. These skills will be taught through lecture, demonstration and in the water practice of drills and skills. Because each skill and drill has been developed to target specific muscles and muscle groups necessary for swimming, repetition is necessary.

 It is normal to repeat levels. Development of core, arm and leg strength, air exchange, and comfort levels cannot be rushed. Each child has different athletic, mental and emotional abilities. Please give your child and our program time to develop the skill of swimming properly. We can accomplish a lot in the 10 classes/session, but we do not deviate from or change our program to suit individual desires or requests that would hinder the way we develop proper swimming technique.

Swimmers remain in level 1 until: they have overcome any strong fears, are able to submerge completely and comfortably for 3 seconds, are able to float unassisted for 3 seconds (back and front), are able to swim freestyle with rotary breathing and are demonstrating proper air exchange. Note: Children who remain in this level have not demonstrated the necessary skills to be water safe. Your child’s safety is our #1 priority. Our 2nd priority is to develop technically sound swimmers. In the development of proper swimming technique, swimming laps and/or being accepted for any of CVAC’s competitive swim teams are not possible until the building blocks/skills and drills of swimming have been mastered. CVAC coaching staff and our program work closely together and are in complete agreement and support of one other.


Level 1 plus

Swimmers will continue to practice skills and drills learned in level 1(with extended endurance), along with level 2 skills and drills, including wall push offs and backstroke. Swimmers remain in level 1 plus until: they are swimming freestyle and demonstrating rotary breathing, they have mastered the ability to float comfortably for 5 seconds (back and stomach), are able to open eyes underwater while swimming and most importantly, are able to swim an unassisted lap the width of the pool. 


Level 2

Placement to this level requires the swimmer to swim an unassisted lap the width of the pool, without stopping or putting his/her feet down at any time. Skills taught/reinforced in this level include:  kicking drills, various floats (front and back for 5 seconds), wall push offs, glides, treading water, freestyle and backstroke. Most importantly, swimmers will be in water that is over their heads for most, if not all of the class. At this level, there may not always be an instructor in the water. Swimmers who have not mastered this necessary requirement of swimming an unassisted lap would then be placed in a dangerous position. The instructor would then become a lifesaving lifeguard and not an instructor. We will not put a child or an instructor in this position at any time, for any reason.

Level 3

In this level, stroke refinement and lap endurance for freestyle and backstroke and solidifying comfortable and relaxed air exchange will be the emphasis. Various dives will be taught. Butterfly and Breaststroke will be introduced through kicking drills, body position/movement (undulation) and possibly, but not necessarily, coordinating arm movements.

Level 4

All 4 competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly) will be taught and refined. In addition, basic survival skills, dives, various treading kicks, endurance, pre lifeguarding skills and various turns (open and flip, front and back) will be taught/refined.

Levels 5&6

In these levels, stroke refinement for all 4 competitive strokes, along with swimming each for endurance will be the focus. In addition, all competitive turns, racing dives, advanced survival skills and pre lifeguarding skills will be taught/refined.

Please note these important changes: If you have anything you wish to discuss with me that this handout does not cover, AS ALWAYS, PLEASE DO NOT COME THROUGH THE LOCKER ROOMS TO TALK WITH ME. For the safety of all swimmers in our programs, any adult in the locker rooms, other than a Baby Eagle parent during Baby Eagle class time, must be a CVSD Aquatics employee with all necessary legal clearances on file in the District Office. Due to increasing requests to meet with me that draw me away from my duties supervising the pool and keeping your children safe, there will be the following change:  Email me with your child’s name, class and any questions.  I will answer through email. Thank you for your cooperation.
Patti Schwenger [email protected]

When available, you may Register For Spring classes here:

**For step by step directions on signing up for Baby Eagles/Swim School, please download attachment below.**

Welcome to our Baby Eagles Swim Program! This program gives young children an opportunity to learn to swim in a controlled, but informal, atmosphere. Parents are cautioned that swimming skill is no substitute for supervision. The course is available to toilet-trained children who are four years old by the first class session. Parents assist the children in the locker room and observe the class from the pool deck. All instruction is handled by the staff. Class size is limited to 25; preference will be given to District residents.

Welcome to our Swim School Program! This program is deigned for students who have completed kindergarten through thirteen years of age and are ready to learn to swim in a class situation without the assistance of their parents. Parents are invited to observe the final session. 

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