Cumberland Valley Curriculum Framework

The Curriculum Framework at Cumberland Valley consists of five main components: priority standards, scope and sequence, curriculum maps, assessments and unit maps. These components were created by teams of grade-level teachers from across the district.

Priority Standards

Priority standards are carefully selected grade/course-specific standards that students must know and be able to do by the end of each school year in order to be prepared to enter the next grade level or course. They provide teachers with a sharp and consistent focus for in-depth instruction and related assessment.

Curriculum Maps

There is a curriculum map for each priority standard. The curriculum map “unwraps” the standard to make it meaningful to teachers and parents. On each curriculum map you will find:

  • an explanation/example of the standard
  • common misconceptions about the standard
  • big ideas (important understandings we want students to realize and remember long after instruction ends)
  • essential questions (guiding questions to focus instruction and assessment)
  • concepts (what students need to know)
  • skills (what students must be able to do)
  • “I can” statements

Scope and Sequence

A scope and sequence establishes consistency of instruction throughout the district by providing clear guidance on what your children’s teachers should teach and when they should teach it. It lays out the order of and timing for units during the course of the year to ensure that all standards will be taught and assessed.

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