Middle School Science Curriculum

Cumberland Valley's middle school science curriculum spirals throughout grades 6 to 8; this means that rather than attempting to master all of the learnings within a subject (i.e. Biology, Physical Science, Earth and Space) in one year, students will explore elements of each discipline throughout each of their three years in middle school.

This approach allows our students to deepen their understanding of the subject matter when it is developmentally appropriate, and supports retention as key learnings are frequently addressed.

6th Grade Science Units of Study: The 6th grade science course is an inquiry based introduction to the 3 branches of science (i.e. Earth, physical, and life) with a focus will be on applying the nature of science.

  • Scientific Process Skills/Matter (25-30 days)
  • Introduction to Matter and Energy ( 25-30 days)
  • Earth's Structure / Earthquakes and Volcanoes (30-35 days)
  • Rocks and Minerals (25-30 days) 
  • Intro to Biology (30 days) 
  • Ecology/Environmental Science (20-25 days) 


7th Grade Science Units of Study:   This year the focus will be on physical science and the big picture concepts that drive the science of chemistry, physics, astronomy, ecology and biology. Students will have a rich experience, with numerous age and level appropriate activities.

  • Measurement Method (18 days)
  • Chemistry (42 days)
  • Astronomy (30 days)
  • Ecology (30 days)
  • The Tree of Life (15 days)
  • Newtonian Physics and Fluids (45 days)


8th Grade Science Units of StudyThe 8th grade science curriculum is a survey of physical, earth, life and chemical science with an emphasis on inquiry and experimental design. Students will complete a variety of activities throughout the year that will enable them to show their mastery of the content. Activities include, but are not limited to, labs, projects, quizzes, tests, written assignments, presentations, and science fair.

  • Scientific Method (17 days)
  • Ecology (30 days)
  • Work and Power (25 days)
  • Energy (20 days)
  • Biochemistry/chemistry (20 days)
  • Genetics (28 days)
  • Evolution (20 days)
  • Weather (20-25 days)


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