Enhanced Performance

There are many aspects that can contribute to victory on the mat. Being stronger than your opponent, quicker than your opponent, better conditioned than your opponent, and having better technique than your opponent all give you an advantage, and each can be the difference between winning and losing. While we'll work on technique in the wrestling room, the content pages described below are things you can do outside the wrestling room to live a healthy lifestyle and be prepared physically to step on the mat and compete at your best.

The Critical Nature of Sleep: Sleep is the secret weapon to recovery and peak performance.

Nutrition is Fuel: We must fuel our bodies properly if we are to maximize recovery and perform at our best.

Strength Training: Wrestling is a combat sport, and being stronger than your opponent matters.

Cardiovascular Conditioning: A six minute wrestling match taxes every muscle in your body. Being better conditioned than your opponent is the key to winning the third period.
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