Business Courses

4070 Business Mathematics - 1.0 cr
Prerequisite: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
Grades 10-12
Students will explore the use of mathematics in many areas of business including saving, borrowing, investing, buying, and selling, payroll and taxes, transportation, income and expenses, and profit and loss statements. One of the aims of this course is to take a student from his/her viewpoint as a consumer to the viewpoint of a business person. This course may be used as one of the mathematics credits required for graduation.

4073 Accounting I - 1.0 cr
Grades 10-12

Accounting is the language of business.  This course is for students who plan to enroll in accounting or any related business programs in college, as well as for those students who plan to enter the business world upon high school graduation. Students learn the theory of accounting and receive practice in recording business transactions. Students will prepare financial statements. A real-life simulation involving the preparation of records for a small business is included. 

4075 *COLLEGE Accounting 101  - 1.0 cr (Semester Course)
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting HACC - 4 credits
Prerequisite: Students must pass the HACC Reading, Writing, and Math Placement Tests
Grades 11-12
Introduces students to accounting principles as they pertain to external financial reports. This course addresses the accounting cycle, accounting systems, theories, and policies relative to asset valuation, liability measurement, and income determination. Students may be required to purchase an accompanying textbook, which approximates $200. Students are required to purchase the HACC textbook/access code ($195). This course can be taken independently or as a follow-up to Accounting I. Please note this course earns 4 credits from HACC and 1 credit from CV.
*This is a high school weighted course (1.13).

4080 *COLLEGE Business 101 - 1.0 cr (Semester Course)
BUSI 101 Introduction to Business HACC - 3 credits
Prerequisite:  None
Grades 11-12
Introduces students to the broad field of business. This course covers an overview of the basic functions of business including management, marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources. The course also introduces students to basic economic systems and discusses the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility to business success. Students are required to purchase or rent the HACC approved textbook, ranging in price from $70-$229 based on the previous year’s cost. Students will earn 3 transferable HACC credits upon successful completion. Please note this course earns 3 credits from HACC and 1 credit from CV.
*This is a high school weighted course (1.13).

4081 Introduction to Business - 1.0 cr
Grades 9-12
CV9 and CVHS
This is an introductory/sampler course all students should take to prepare them for future business courses and to be knowledgeable consumers, well-prepared employees, and effective citizens in our economy. Units covered include business in the global economic environment; business organization and management; business operations and technology; and personal financial management.

4082 Personal Money Management - 0.5 cr (Semester Course)
Grades 10-12
This course is designed for students who wish to learn more about money management and become fiscally responsible consumers. Students will cover topics including: financial institutions, budgets, credit, loans, saving, investing, and stocks/bonds/mutual funds. Other topics will include: taxes, insurance, and retirement. Several simulations and online games are used to reinforce current topics.

4083 Business Law I - 1.0 cr
Grades 10-12
This course is open to students who wish to learn about our legal system. Topics include: minors’ rights and responsibilities, the consumer’s role in society, criminal and civil law and the court system, contracts, credit, insurance, and legal implications in owning property. The class will observe an actual trial at the Dauphin County Courthouse. This course will help students pursue careers as an attorney, paralegals, police officers, probation & parole, or any position in the law enforcement field.

4084 Business Law II - 1.0 cr
Prerequisite: 4083 Business Law I
Grades 11-12
This course picks up where Business Law I ended. Topics include: consumer laws; sales contracts; ownership and risk of loss; property and bailments; and laws in employment and business ownership. Students will observe an actual trial at the Dauphin County Courthouse and compete in a Mock Trial against their peers.

4086 COLLEGE Marketing 201 - 1.0 cr (Semester Course)
MKTG 201 Principles of Marketing HACC - 3 credits
Prerequisite: Students must pass HACC Reading and Writing Placement Tests
Grades 11-12
This course presents the functions involved in the marketing of consumer and industrial goods to their users. Emphasis is placed upon management’s development of marketing strategies concerning product, place, promotion, and price. Students must meet the same requirements as college students taking the course at HACC and are required to purchase or rent the HACC approved textbook, ranging in price from $60-$90 based on the previous year’s cost. Upon successful completion, students will receive 3 transferable HACC credits. Please note this course earns 3 credits from HACC and 1 credit from CV.
*This is a high school weighted course (1.13).

4091 Entrepreneurship I - 1.0 cr
Grades 10-12

This course is designed for those students who wish to learn how to run and manage a business. Topics include selecting a location, raising capital, organizing operations, establishing service and credit policies, buying merchandise, preparing goods for sale, pricing, advertising, display, selling techniques, keeping accurate records, economics and government regulations.

4092 Entrepreneurship II (Eagle Emporium) - 1.0 cr
Prerequisite: 4091 Entrepreneurship I or 4093 Sports & Entertainment Marketing or 4086 COLLEGE Marketing 201 or 4080 COLLEGE Business 101
(Teacher AND Grade Level Principal Recommendation Required)
Grades 11-12
Students will operate and manage the Eagle Emporium—including selecting, designing, and buying merchandise; advertising and displaying merchandise; inventory management; maintaining accurate sales and bookkeeping records. Responsibility in making management decisions and the importance of human relations in business operations will be discussed. Students will be scheduled to work in the Eagle Emporium to cover operating hours for all lunches and special events outside of the school day.

4093 Sports & Entertainment Marketing - 1.0 cr
Grades 10-12
This is an introductory marketing course designed to incorporate business and marketing principles and procedures into the sports and entertainment industries. Students will learn and integrate the concepts of marketing, the marketing mix, public relations, career choices, basic economics principles, and using technology to effectively run and operate marketing functions in the sports and entertainment industries.

Cooperative Education work experience is a planned instructional program developed through a signed cooperative arrangement among school representatives, students, parents, and employers in the community. The purpose of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to earn high school credit through entry-level paid employment in a career-oriented occupational field.

4097 Co-op Work Experience - 3.0 cr
Prerequisite: Application and Approval from Mrs. Consevage
Grades 11-12
The goal of cooperative education is to provide on-the-job work experience to familiarize students with their chosen careers. It is the student’s responsibility to find a career-oriented job prior to the start of school. Students are not permitted to work in a business owned by their parents or a family member. Students must work a minimum of 15 hours, Monday through Friday, immediately after release from school. Students must provide weekly timesheets and pay stubs and work 150 out of 180 school days as stated in the PDE regulations. All positions must have the approval of the coordinator and it is the students’ responsibility to find a career-oriented job prior to the start of school.

The coordinator will assist students who are experiencing problems locating acceptable work, but it is the student's responsibility to contact and apply for employment. Students can participate in this program either in the morning or afternoon and attend school for their required subjects around the work schedule. This program is open to all students. To apply for this program, pick up an application form in the Counseling Center during course selection. Applications must be received by May 31, of the year entering the program. Training Agreements and Plans must be in place by the first day of school in order to participate and report to work under this program.


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