English Language Development

English Language Development

Cumberland Valley School District provides an English Language Development (ELD) program for students who are in need of additional instruction to master the English language and become proficient in their studies. Students are identified for services by a process that includes completion of the Home Language Survey upon registration, language proficiency screening and testing. ELD instruction may take the place of a student’s Language Arts/English class or supplement it. When eligible for ELD services, students receive instruction based upon their level of need. A certified instructor who has received special training in meeting the needs of non-English speaking students will provide this instruction. ELD services are provided in most Cumberland Valley schools. At times, the school chosen to deliver the instruction may not be the “home school” of the student. If a student is placed in a different school in order to receive ELD services, the student will become a member of that school’s community and receive ALL instruction at that location. In these cases, the District will provide transportation to and from the ELD school.

Parents of English Learners have the right to refuse certain separate, specialized programs and services that may be part of the Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) for their children. This may be done by requesting the appropriate form from your child’s ELD teacher. Students whose parents refuse services will still be labeled as English Learners and must take the ACCESS test annually until they meet the reclassification criteria.

Parents have the right to ask questions about their child’s ELD program. The District has established a procedure parents can follow if they feel their questions about the ELD program are not being adequately addressed. If, after discussing the concern with the student’s ELD teacher, the issue cannot be resolved, the building principal should be contacted. If the principal cannot adequately address the concern, the issue should be directed to the coordinator of the ELD program. If the problem still cannot be resolved, Cumberland Valley will ask the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s ELD staff to assist with resolution of the problem.

Questions about the ELD program in general can be addressed by calling Christina Stoshack, ELD Program Coordinator, at (717) 506-3455 or [email protected].

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