Mission Statement

The Mission Statement, Beliefs, and Goals presented below are the result of work completed by Cumberland Valley School District's Strategic Planning Steering Committee. These philosophy statements are not an attempt to state how things are, but rather are intended to give impetus and direction toward meeting the needs of all children who attend the schools of this district now and in the future.

Our Mission

The Cumberland Valley School District, in collaboration with students, educators, parents and the community, is committed to developing 21st century learning and thinking skills through a rigorous, relevant, and comprehensive curriculum, while preparing students to be innovative, productive citizens in an interconnected world.

The Cumberland Valley School District has adopted the following belief statements to guide its thinking and planning for the future.

We believe...

* America's greatest resource and hope for the future is the successful education of present and future generations of our children.
* The student is the focus of education.
* Students have diverse needs.
* Everyone can learn and succeed.
* High expectations yield educational excellence.
* The sharing of ideas promotes personal and group growth.
* Education is a lifelong journey.
* Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own actions.
* Caring and responsible attitudes create respectful individuals.
* Goal setting and constructive evaluation enhance performance.
* A safe, healthy, and orderly climate is essential for learning.
* Effective leaders create long-term plans with vision.
* A skilled, committed, and caring staff is vital for success.
* A rapidly changing world requires adaptability.
* Family is an important foundation for an individual's success.
* Effective two-way communication facilitates involvement.
* The education and welfare of students is a shared responsibility.

The Cumberland Valley School District accepts the 6 Core Goals and the 9 Academic Goals as outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, the district has also adopted a set of local goals to help shape the future direction of our district.

The following goals were prepared by the Strategic Planning Committee of the CUMBERLAND VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT.

The Cumberland Valley School District will:

(1) Maintain an educational environment that meets the diverse academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of our students.

(2) Tailor teaching strategies and scheduling to meet the needs of the students.

(3) Provide a safe educational setting that facilitates respect for persons, property, and individual beliefs.

(4) Provide appropriate evaluation and reporting of student achievement.

(5) Provide accessible pupil services that respond to the needs of a changing student population.

(6) Recognize and support the family's role as a partner in their child's education.

(7) Provide equipment and training so students and staff will be technologically competent.

(8) Help students develop a spirit of volunteerism.

(9) Provide and maintain a qualified, well-trained, professional and support staff.

(10) Provide an effective communication system that serves the entire Cumberland Valley community.

(11) Revise and update curriculum systematically to provide students with the most current academic opportunities.

(12) Generate a cooperative effort by the community and school district to assure maximum use of school facilities.


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