Cumberland Valley School District routes school buses, establishes stops and maintains safety in the most efficient manner consistent with State Law, School Board Policy and Cumberland Valley School District guidelines.

Realizing that there may be conflicts involved with changing school bus stop locations, the following criteria will be utilized in establishing new stops or reviewing current stop locations:

1.        Examining potential safety issues at bus stops,

2.        Student access to bus stops,

i)         Stops for all grade levels that are located less than 200 feet apart may be combined and placed at the safest location,

ii)       Stops inside residential areas will be set at predetermined centralized locations that maximize safety,

iii)      Buses will not enter cul-de-sacs, unless their length is greater than 1 mile or if the entrance is determined to be on a hazardous route as determined by PennDot,

iv)      Buses will not enter residential areas with only one egress and ingress of less than 1 mile unless entrance is determined to be a hazard. If stop is deemed a hazard the stop will be at the closest, safest possible location,

v)        Buses are not permitted on private roads, development owned roads or undedicated roads,

vi)      Wherever possible, walking distances of all grade level students will be kept to a reasonable distance – Elementary .50 mile; Secondary 1.0 miles. (Note: State law permits maximum walking distance for an elementary child to be 1.0 mile; middle school 1.5 mile and high school 2 miles; activity/club bus (all grade levels) 2.0 miles.)

The Transportation Coordinator will review exceptions to the above criteria on a case-by-case basis.

3.        Visibility at stop to be 500 feet in either direction,

4.        Maintaining State mandated distance for activation of school bus 8-way warning lights and stop signs,

5.        Stops that require the school bus to back up will be kept to a minimum,

6.        Routes will be designed to avoid cul-de-sac or dead-ends,

7.        Kindergarten mid day runs to be at home or centralized locations. AM/PM stops to be at community stop,

8.        All grade level students will be given 1 AM stop/1 PM stop. The AM Stop can differ from the PM Stop but  must be 5 days a week. There will be no multiple stops.

Administration has the sole responsibility and authority to develop bus routes based on guidelines established and adopted by the School Board.   Changes will only be made following the review of the Transportation Coordinator. School Bus Drivers are not permitted to change the location of school bus stops.

Procedure for Requesting Change of Bus Stop Location:

·         Requests to be submitted on Request for School Bus Stop Change form.

·         No changes to routes will occur between the two weeks prior and two weeks after school has begun.

·         All requests will be reviewed by the Transportation Coordinator.

·         Review of requests may take 4 weeks unless safety warrants otherwise.

·         Review of requests will be responded to in the order received.

The above procedures were developed by Administration in an attempt to provide efficient transportation throughout the District while keeping the safety of our students a priority.

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