Activity Bus Schedule


Activity buses are a service the school district offers to middle and high school students participating in approved school related activities (athletics, extra-curricular activities, study sessions.) Activity buses follow major routes throughout each of the four townships each day. The route and stops are determined by the ridership on each particular day.   Drop off times will vary according to the number of riders and the route taken each day. Not all stops included on the regular runs will be included in the activity runs.

Activity buses operate weekly from Monday through Thursday. In the event of an early dismissal due to inclement weather, activity buses will not operate.

Students must sign up for the activity bus according to school procedures on the day in which they will ride the bus.   Any student(s) failing to sign up will not be permitted to ride the bus that day. This is to ensure that we have accurate student ridership information in the event of a bus emergency.

Cumberland Valley High School

     All buses are located in the bus loop and leave the high school at 4:30 PM.

                Drop off times will vary daily dependent upon student ridership.

                Buses operate every Monday through Thursday.


                                Hampden Township Resident             Bus 249

                                Middlesex Township Resident            Bus 284

                                Monroe Township Resident                Bus 242

                                Silver Spring Township Resident        Bus 222


Eagle View Middle School  

Eagle View Middle School students ride bus 222 from the middle school to the high school.  At the high school, they will transfer to the  appropriate township activity bus. The high school activity bus numbers are listed in the above high school section.

For those students who participate in activities/sports at the high school immediately after school, bus 208 will leave at the regular end of day bus dismissal time and travel to the high school. 

Bus 208 leaves Eagle View Middle School at bus dismissal time.

Bus 275 leaves Eagle View Middle School at 4:15 PM.

The high school activity bus leaves from the bus loop at 4:30 PM.

Good Hope Middle School

Bus 144 leaves from Good Hope Middle School to Cumberland Valley High School at 2:45 PM.

Bus 124 leaves from Good Hope Middle School at 4:15 PM.

Students participating in approved sports/activities at the high school are permitted to ride the bus to the high school. From the high school, students will ride the appropriate township activity bus to their local stop. The high school bus activity numbers are listed in the above high school section.

All students must register to use the bus on the day of intended use in the school office.  Failure to register may prevent a student from riding the activity bus that day.

For activity bus information after 4:30, please call the contractor directly at:

     Miller & Sons (EV/HS buses)
 717-258-3371 (Garage)    or    717-265-4407 (Cell) 
     Kauffman Bus (GH buses)           717-737-3396 (Garage)    

The school district Bus Riding Conduct Policy also applies to students when riding school activity buses. It states that ‘Any pupils involved in an act of misconduct that is detrimental to the health and safety of other pupils, bus driver, vehicle, or person(s) outside the vehicle shall have their riding privilege reviewed as indicated:

a.        First Offense (Warning): A conference between the bus driver and offender will be held.

b.       Second Offense (Misconduct Report): Riding privileges may be revoked one to five days and/or suspension/detention. Parents are notified.

c.        Third Offense: Riding privileges may be revoked one to ten days and/or detention/suspension. Parents are notified.

d.       Fourth Offense (Indefinite Bus Suspension): Parents are informed that their child is suspended from the school bus for an indefinite period of time.

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