It Takes One (ITO) Club

What is the ITO club?

“ITO” stands for “It Takes One”… It takes one active bystander to make a positive difference in any bullying situation. The most influential role in any bullying situation is the role of the bystander. The ITO club will spread the empowering message that the most effective way to deal with bullying is through the efforts of those who witness it. Our goal is to teach all CV students and staff how we can transform the role of the bystander into someone who is willing to stand up, speak out and act against bullying.

Why ITO?

Most bullying behavior flies under the radar of adults. That means that kids can be a potent force for dealing with bullying behavior. Most students report that they don’t like bullying and wish they could do something about it when it happens. The ITO club will help students take a new, productive role when it comes to bullying.  We want CV students, staff, and parents to recognize bullying, respond effectively and report what takes place. The ITO club members will also be taught to monitor their peers and report on what is going on in the school environment.

How will ITO benefit the students?

All CV students - the targets of bullying, the bystanders, and the students who are bullying others - will benefit from having the ITO club.  The club will give the targets of bullying confidence in knowing that when they come to school they can count on someone standing up for them if they are bullied. By giving students specific tools to use in the role of the active bystanders, the club will empower bystanders to act when they witness bullying. Students who bully others will be given the clear message that “We don’t treat people that way at CV.”

Through the ITO club, we can hold students who bully others accountable and teach them to re-channel their behaviors into positive leadership activities. We can acknowledge the non-aggressive behaviors of the bullied students as strengths to be developed, honored, and modeled. And we can transform the role of bystander into that of defender—someone willing to stand up, speak out and act against injustice.

Who is the ITO supervisor?

  • Rob Martin, High School Assistant Principal
  • Kimberly Baldwin, CVHS School Counselor
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