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Important Info About 9.20.21 Board Meeting
Published on Sep 17, 2021 20:07

Dear CV Community Members,

In the past two weeks, we have received an outpouring of requests to speak at the next meeting of the Cumberland Valley School District Board (September 20, 2021). Many of the requestors have also shared safety concerns for the meeting due to the fact that many individuals present at the last meeting of the board refused to wear masks per the Order of the Secretary of Health, even after they were asked to do so.  Unfortunately, forcing compliance with the Order as a condition of attendance at public meetings has been unsuccessful in nearly all Pennsylvania districts, or has resulted in the need to forcibly involve law enforcement.  

We do not believe that continuing to allow non-compliance, which many constituents have stated is a barrier to their attendance, or forcibly involving law enforcement are reasonable approaches if either can be avoided. Because of these factors, all public comments for the meeting on September 20, 2021, will be shared with the board via Zoom or written electronic submission ONLY. Additionally, viewing of the meeting will be available via the livestream ONLY (more info below).  This decision was also made in coordination with local law enforcement who reached out to CVSD with concerns about potential issues with crowd control and general safety should the District continue to have in-person public meetings at this time. 

Please review the public comment section of the Board agenda for instructions on how to submit public comment or to notify CVSD of your intent to provide public comment via Zoom. 

Please note:  The deadline to sign up for public comment using Zoom and/or to submit written public comment to be part of the published agenda, will be at NOON on Monday, September 20, 2021.  

Individuals who have registered but are unable to access Zoom using their own device can be assisted in sharing their public comment by CVSD staff at Mountain View Middle School at the time of the meeting. 

As previously stated, public participation in, and viewing of, the meeting will be available ONLY through Zoom/electronic comments and through viewing the livestream of the Board meeting. A broadcast of the meeting and an assisted option for making public comment via Zoom will be available at Mountain View Middle School for individuals who have registered but require assistance in making their public comment, or for individuals who are unable to access the broadcast of the meeting at home. Individuals who choose to go to Mountain View will be required to follow all Health and Safety rules, including wearing a mask while inside CV buildings.

By making these changes, we will be able to continue to offer the public an opportunity to provide live public comment while ensuring that the meeting is able to continue following the public comment period without disruption, which has unfortunately not been the case in many area school districts in the past several weeks. We hope that by providing this plan, we can continue to promote robust public comment and participation in our meetings, and continue to provide a forum for civil discourse on topics of importance to our community. We believe that, by utilizing this plan, we will be able to hear all voices in our community and reduce the likelihood of conflict arising between groups with opposing positions that has led to violent and aggressive interactions in many other districts across the state and the nation. 

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. As always, you may view the agenda by clicking here and you may view the meeting live stream by clicking here. Please note: Finance Committee will NOT meet prior to the Board meeting.

Thank you. 

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