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Middlesex Lion News
Published on Jan 26, 2018 15:37

Hello Middlesex Families,

As we continue to work towards our goal of promoting a positive school climate and culture, we are working together, as a TEAM, students, staff, and families, to embrace a growth mindset. The mindsetworks website provides many resources that will continue to support us as educators! According to the site, “Parenting is really hard, but having a growth mindset can help. Research shows that parents can have a powerful impact on their children’s mindsets. The language you use and the actions you take show your children what you expect. Giving process praise, talking about the brain, accepting mistakes as learning opportunities, and understanding the role of emotions in learning are all practices you can begin today.”

Say This, Not That…
“The way we praise our children can have a profound impact on their mindset. Research on praise and mindsets shows that when we praise children for being smart, it promotes a fixed mindset. It sends a message that their accomplishments are trait-based, and tied to something innate. In contrast, praising kids for working hard promotes a growth mindset. It sends a message that the child’s effort is what led them to success. Want more tips on what to say, and what not to say, when praising your kids? See the chart below that gives some examples of Say This, Not That!”

Say This

Not That

“I can see you worked so hard on this!”

“You are so smart!”

“It seems like it’s time to try a new strategy.”

“It’s okay. Maybe you’re just not cut out for this!”

“I like watching you do that.”

“You’re are natural at that!”

“It looks like that was too easy for you. Let’s find something challenging so your brain can grow.”

“That’s right. You did that so quickly and easily; great job!”

“That’s not right. You don’t understand this yet. What strategies can you try to understand it better?”

“That’s not right. Are you paying attention in class? It seems like you’re not even trying.”

“That was really hard. Your effort has paid off. Next time you’ll be ready for this kind of challenge!”

“That was really hard. I’m so glad it’s over and you don’t have to do that again.”

“You’ve worked hard to become a good writer. You should challenge yourself with an advanced class, and then learn something you don’t know how to do yet.”

“You have a real talent for writing. You should take a creative writing class because you’re so good at it.”

Update to Middlesex Mini-THON:
Our grand total raised for Four Diamonds was $2,956.78. Thank you to all of our families, students, and staff that made this possible!! Click here to view some photos from the event. 

Middlesex School Store:
Our next school store will begin on January 30th and end on February 1st. There will be a schedule sent home with a flyer denoting when your child will be able to shop at the store. Please remind your child that they are only to go up to purchase items from the store on the day that they have been assigned. Their classroom teacher will also be communicating this information to them. For this round of student store, we will be trying something a little different to ensure that once a student purchases an item(s) it does not get taken by someone else or lost before they arrive home. Therefore, we will be having the volunteers placing the students' purchased items into a brown paper bag that will be stapled at the top and then collected by the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will be distributing the bags out at the end of the day to each student that purchased an item. If you have any questions please contact the office. 

Winter Choral Concert:
Thank you to Heather Smith for her hard work preparing our 4th and 5th grade students for an awesome concert this week! The students worked hard preparing to take the audience to Broadway. Thank you to family members for joining us for this event!

Junior Achievement:
Junior Achievement is in need of a volunteer for Laura Montanez’s 4th grade class in the month of April and a volunteer for Kirsten Tingley’s kindergarten class for the month of May. To sign up, please contact Jen Metz at 717-843-8028 or [email protected].

PTO IS STILL IN NEED of Volunteers for Family Bingo Night- Friday, February 9. If you can volunteer to help, please sign up here: https://ttsu.me/zrgr44 This is always a fun evening for our Middlesex families!

2018-19 Middlesex Elementary Kindergarten Registration:

Middlesex Elementary School is looking for kindergarten students for the 2018-19 school year. Students need to turn 5 years old on, or before September 1, 2018. To begin the registration process, go to http://www.cvschools.org/about_us/central_registration/2018-2019_kindergarten_registration. Middlesex Kindergarten Registration will be March 22nd at Middlesex.  If you have any questions, please contact the Middlesex Office or Central Registration at 717-506-3399 or [email protected].

Upcoming Events:

School Store

January 30th- February 1st

Superhero of the Month Assembly

January 31st- invitation sent home

School Counselor Appreciation Week- THANK YOU Mrs. Harlan!!

February 5th – February 9th

PTO Bingo Night

February 9th- 5:00-8:00

February 23rd – snow date

Jump Rope for Heart Begins- be looking for a flyer with additional information to be sent home

February 5th

Jump Rope for Heart Money Due to School- NO CASH PLEASE

February 21st

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