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Middlesex Lion News
Published on Jan 19, 2018 15:57

Hello Middlesex Families,

As we continue to work towards our goal of promoting a positive school climate and culture, we are working together, as a TEAM, students, staff, and families, to embrace a growth mindset. The mindsetworks website provides many resources that will continue to support us as educators! See the below article from the site that explains an overview of a growth mindset in more detail: (1) What a growth mindset is?, (2) Why it is important?, and (3) How will it help my child?”

What is a growth mindset?

Through decades of research, Dr. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University Psychologist, found that people’s beliefs about their intelligence differ. Some people believe that their intelligence and abilities are unchangeable. In other words, you have a certain amount of intelligence, and you can’t do much to change it. This is called a “fixed mindset.” Think about the phrase, “I’m not a math person.” This statement indicates a fixed mindset about math, because it attributes math ability to an unchangeable quality.

Others have different ideas about their intelligence and abilities. Some people believe that it is possible to grow your intelligence through effort. This is called a “growth mindset.” Think about the phrase, “Math was really confusing at first, but I’ve studied hard all year and I understand it a lot better now.” This indicates a growth mindset, because it shows a willingness to dig in deep.

Why is it important?

The simple belief that intelligence is malleable can better equip children for challenging tasks and difficult subject matter. If they know that they can develop their abilities, that effort and dedication make a difference in the formula for success, and then children won’t become paralyzed by challenge. The growth mindset creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for achieving goals.

How will it help my child?

Research has shown that children with a growth mindset do better in school. In a study with middle school students, Dr. Lisa Blackwell found that students with a growth mindset earned higher math grades when compared to students with a fixed mindset. Students in Washington, D.C. who were taught a growth mindset outperformed all of their peers on standardized tests in the district. Many studies show that children who have a growth mindset behave differently when confronted with a challenge, and end up learning from their mistakes instead of being paralyzed by them. 

Middlesex Min-THON:
Thank you to the high school seniors for organizing our Mini-THON. Students had an exciting time rotating through stations learning more about THON and having lots of fun! Thank you so much to our families that raised lots of money for Four Diamonds!!

Junior Achievement:

Junior Achievement is in need of a volunteer for Laura Montanez’s 4th grade class in the month of April and a volunteer for Kirsten Tingley’s kindergarten class for the month of May. To sign up, please contact Jen Metz at 717-843-8028 or [email protected]

PTO Family Bingo Night- Friday, February 9. If you can volunteer to help, please sign up here: https://ttsu.me/zrgr44 This is always a fun evening for our Middlesex families!

2018-19 Middlesex Elementary Kindergarten Registration:

Middlesex Elementary School is looking for kindergarten students for the 2018-19 school year. Students need to turn 5 years old on, or before September 1, 2018. To begin the registration process, go to http://www.cvschools.org/about_us/central_registration/2018-2019_kindergarten_registration. Middlesex Kindergarten Registration will be March 22nd at Middlesex.  If you have any questions, please contact the Middlesex Office or Central Registration at 717-506-3399 or [email protected]

Upcoming Events:

Winter Concert

January 23rd- 7:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.

Reading Learning Challenge Award

January 26th

School Store

January 30th- February 1st

Superhero of the Month Assembly

January 31st- invitation required

School Counselor Appreciation Week- THANK YOU Mrs. Harlan!!

February 5th – February 9th

PTO Bingo Night

February 9th- 5:00-8:00

February 23rd – snow date

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