(9.18.20) Family Update from the Superintendent

(9.18.20) Family Update from the Superintendent
Posted on 09/18/2020

Dear Cumberland Valley families:

Thank you for a successful start to the year! Today marks 3 weeks that we have been in school with no disruptions to student attendance. I encourage you to please click here to view a video update. The slideshow featured in the video is also attached to the bottom of this email. However, the narrative in the video is very important as it details and further explains the information provided on the slides.

Additionally, below we have provided an overview of the information presented in the video.

While we know that our situation related to COVID-19 and possible exposure in a CVSD school could change quickly, we are happy to report that at this time we do not believe anyone has been exposed to a known case of COVID-19 in a CVSD school this year.  We sincerely appreciate your support as we continue to work to provide a safe educational environment for our students, staff, and community.

David E. Christopher, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Video Overview:

We are continuing to monitor incidents of COVID-19 within our school community.

  • We have had numerous positive cases in CVSD student and staff homes, but 0 that have resulted in exposure to COVID-19 in a CVSD school.
  • The rate of incidence of COVID-19 within Cumberland County has remained moderate (low end) and consistent since the start of school.
  • Regional case data can be reviewed on the Department of Health’s Early Monitoring System website.

When does a case have potential for “school exposure”?

  • Within 48 hours of being in a school or school setting, an individual must have symptom onset that leads to a positive test for COVID-19 OR is asymptomatic and tests positive for COVID-19.

When does my child need to quarantine?

  • If your child has had close contact (meaning they have been within 6ft for more than 15 minutes cumulatively) of an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 48 hours of that individual testing positive or developing symptoms and subsequently testing positive, your child should plan to quarantine (meaning stay at home) for a minimum of 14 days and you should seek specific guidance from a health professional.
  • If someone in your immediate household has tested positive for COVID-19, your child should also plan to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.
  • If your child meets the criteria for Group A or Group B on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s COVID-19 symptom screening tool, they should plan to stay home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms unless they have a doctor’s note that releases them to come back to school because their symptoms were not due to COVID-19.
  • Students who call off or are sent home with symptoms that could be COVID-19 are required to quarantine for 10 days from symptom onset OR until a doctor releases them to return to school (if the symptoms were caused by something other than COVID-19).

How many staff have had to quarantine?

  • Since August 31, 2020 - 17 staff members have had to quarantine
    • 10 quarantine orders are/were due to symptoms
    • 7 quarantine orders are/were due to close contact with a positive COVID-19 case (not a CVSD exposure)
  • Since August 31, 2020 - 0 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19

How many students have had to quarantine?

  • Since August 31, 2020 - 46 students have had to quarantine for at least some amount of time
    • As of September 17, 2020 - there were 28 students actively quarantining in the District
  • Since August 31, 2020- 3 students have tested positive for COVID-19
    • No students who tested positive had symptom onset or a positive test within 48 hours of being in a CVSD school or at a CVSD activity.
    • Several other students would be presumed positive based on familial exposure and did quarantine- but were not tested or tested negative even if they were symptomatic and were exposed.

What will happen if there is a case of COVID-19 and possible exposure?

  • CVSD will work with the Department of Health to contact trace any individual who may have been a close contact at school.
  • Close contacts will be notified personally by CVSD or by the PA DOH.
  • Staff members and families from that building will receive notification that there was a case that could have resulted in COVID-19 exposure in the building or activity.
  • The information will be posted on the CVSD website.

With so many students and staff, how have we managed to not have any school cases?

  • Our families and staff have been incredibly responsible.
    • Parents are keeping sick children home.
    • CVSD nurses are working closely with families to quickly identify any students who are exhibiting possible symptoms.
    • Staff are not congregating and are following protocols when exposed or when sick.
  • The middle and high school schedules have allowed for several situations which may have resulted in cases with exposure to instead be cases that did not have any potential exposure.
  • Cumberland County residents continue to demonstrate responsibility and continue to help keep community spread at the lower end of the moderate threshold.

If my child’s teacher is absent. Will we be notified if they have COVID-19?

  • Everyday many teachers are absent for a variety of reasons (we have 700 teachers and 1,100 staff members).
  • If a teacher is out for an extended period it may mean they are quarantining.
  • If the teacher tests positive for COVID-19, all close contacts will be notified personally, and there will be a building notification, absent teacher’s name, but still alerting individuals in the building that there was a positive case.)
  • Currently no CVSD staff have tested positive for COVID-19 since school started.

Thank you for your continued support of the Cumberland Valley School District!

Click here to view the slideshow as presented in the video update. 

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