Book Titles: 

Anthropology (8th Edition) by Carol R. Ember and Melvin Ember, 1996.

The Practical Archaeologist by Jane McIntosh, 1986.

Course Goal/Overview:

This Level 2 course is intended to provide the students with an introduction to the area of human development through the prehistoric and historic ages. The goals of “Anthropology” are threefold. First, the students will trace the progression of man’s physical and cultural development through the epochs of the Cenozoic era. Secondly, the students will confront the reality of cultural diversity through the study of other peoples and the completion of ethnographical surveys. And thirdly, the students will conduct a 6 week archeological dig for the purpose of learning about a past civilization through the discovery and analysis of artifact materials. With a better understanding of man’s past, it is hoped that the students will be better prepared to understand present and future events.

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