Team Rules

Cumberland Valley Cross Country

Rules and Policies

Participation in interscholastic athletics at Cumberland Valley is voluntary and is a privilege. Those who choose to participate must be aware of the Code of Conduct for the Cumberland Valley School District. Please read this code carefully because each student/athlete is required to abide by its rules and regulations. In addition to this code, the cross country team will be required to abide by the following rules:

An athlete must have a current physical on file before participating in any practices or meets. Physicals are no longer being offered by the District. It is now up to you to secure a physical from your family physician.

Attendance at all practice sessions, meets, and other team functions are considered to be mandatory. Both academic and athletic performance is very important to us. We encourage our student/athletes to budget time wisely to avoid any conflicts practice, meet and study schedules. Two (2) unexcused absences will result in being held out of practice and/or a meet. Three (3) unexcused absences may result in expulsion from the team. Excused absences include official college visits, family emergencies, illness, school field trips and academic help that can not be scheduled at another time. Unexcused absences include attendance at other athletic practices or competitions, the school play or musical practices, and non-academic after school clubs. If there is any question about what is excused … please ask. If at all possible, try to arrange doctor’s appointments outside practice or meet times. Too many absences, excused or unexcused, may result in an athlete being held out of practices or meets.

Athletes should wear appropriate clothing to practice and to meets. For meets athletes are expected to wear the school issued uniform and sweats. They many also wear one of the team t-shirts we agree on. Jewelry is not permitted in PIAA competition. Team members should be attired in the issued uniform when accepting awards. Our athletes are representing Cumberland Valley High School and should act with dignity and respect, especially when on the awards platform.

Insubordination toward coaches will not be tolerated. Athletes are expected to participate in all designated events, put forth a reasonable effort, and display good sportsmanship at all times. Swearing, foul language and/or obscene gestures will not be tolerated. Athletes should treat teammates, coaches and officials with respect. Harassment or hazing of any kind is not acceptable.

An athlete suspended from school shall not practice or compete with the team on the day of the suspension. If an athlete is late to practice because of detention, he/she will be required to stay late at practice to complete the workout. An athlete who enters school later than 11:00am will not be permitted to practice or compete with the team that day. The exceptions to this rule are college visits, doctor’s appointments, funerals or other such excused absences. If a student is absent before a Saturday competition, he/she must have a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian verifying a legal absence. If a student/athlete is sent home sick, he/she may not participate in practice or competition.

Team members must ride the bus or van to and from all away competitions. A student may ride home with a parent only if the designated coach sees the parent at the meet and excuses the athlete. We want all athletes to stay until the conclusion of the meet to cheer on their teammates.

No audible radios or CD players are permitted at meets or on the busses to away meets. Private listening devices with headphones are permitted but must be kept on the bus or stored out sight at the meet. All listening or noise making devices are banned inside any PIAA competiton area. Breaking this rule can result in the entire team being thrown out of the competition.

Equipment issued to an athlete becomes the responsibility of that athlete until it is returned at the end of the season. The athlete must turn in the same numbered uniform that they were issued. These uniforms are expensive. Team members should not leave sweats or shoes lying around unattended during the meets. Any loss or abnormal damage will be charged to the student and must be paid before awards, report cards, etc. will be issued. If an athlete quits or is dropped from the team, their equipment must be returned to a coach within 2 days.

Injuries must be reported to coaches as soon as they are realized. Coaches need to refer serious injuries to the trainer for medical attention. Athletes should follow the directions of the trainer so that the rehab can occur as quickly and completely as possible.

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