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What's the MATTER?

Is that thing ALIVE?
Animated tutorials by topic
The Brain Scoop: Emiliy Grassley from Chicago's Field Museum presents topics regarding the importance of Field Science.
Life, Lab and DNA: Alex Dainis a PhD from Stanford presents a YouTube channel based on her love of Genetics
Bozeman Science:
    --AP Biology
    --Anatomy & Physiology
Crash Courses
    --Anatomy and Physiology
    --Tree of Life Project: This interactive tool allows you to explore discover the relationships between all living things on Earth.
    --OneZoom Tree of Life A less technical, but more visual version of the tree of life.

Use the FORCE!
This place is so BIG!

TECH to me!
Geek Gurl Diaries: Carrie Anne Philbin shares videos from her experience with coding and technology design.

Read about Science

Links to interesting articles:
Forensic Science: What ‘CSI’ and ‘NCIS’ don’t show you about the lives of crime-scene investigators
Dear College Student- Take Geology: A compelling case for why everyone should have a thoughtful geo-science experience.

Science News websites:
Newsela: News articles that can be adjusted to your specific reading level.
Scientific American: A leading periodical for those interested in scientific advances.
Science News: An outstanding digest of science news from the organizers of the ISEF Science Fair.

Informational Books:
The Ancestor's Tale : What path did human evolution take?
The Billion Dollar Molecule: How has big business changed pharmaceutical development?
A Briefer History of Time: Where did the Earth come from?
Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History: Why is the human breast so unique among animals?
H20: The Biography of Water: Where did water come from, and where will it take us?
Death by Black Hole: What fate will the Earth face?
The Disappearing Spoon: How do the elements on the periodic table affect our daily lives?
The Elegant Universe: Why do some scientists think we are living in one of many universes?
Entropy: Into a Greenhouse World: How do the physical laws of nature limit sustainable human sprawl?
Genome: What does the genetic code of humans say about us?
Guns, Germs and Steel: Why do some peoples still live a stone age existence, while others rule the world?
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: How did a woman from Harrisburg give one of the greatest gift to science?
Letters to a Young Scientist: How is a passion for science critical to our future?
Parasite Rex: What can parasites teach us about survival?
Physics of the Future: How will new inventions affect the world of the future?
The Poisoner's Handbook: How have chemicals and crimes evolved?
Silent Spring: What caused the environmental revolution?
The Sixth Extinction: How are humans causing the sixth great extinction on Earth?
Spark: What is the relationship between exercise and the brain?
Undeniable: What's Bill Nye got to say about Evolution, and the Science of Creation?
Your Inner Fish: Why does my back hurt?

Science Fiction Books:
The Andromeda Strain: A germ from space has arrived on Earth, and only science can save us!
Contact: A message from space causes a scientist to question the relationship between science and faith.
Ender's Game: Aliens have attacked and a small boy has lived his whole life to fight the most important battle in history.
Jurassic Park: Scientists have broken the most important rule: if we can, does it mean we should?
The Martian: Trapped on Mars, and only a man's understanding of science can save him.
Sphere: A strange object in the ocean begs to be explained.

Science at the Cinema

Documentary Films
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