Will the network be able to support more devices accessing the internet?

There has been a survey to look at our network; the technology department is currently updating the areas that are needed.

What happens if students are looking up inappropriate things in a class using their device?

If a student is caught looking at something inappropriate, teachers should follow the discipline procedures as outlined in the student handbook/district policies. The same consequences should be followed if the student is looking at inappropriate materials on their device, in a magazine or in a book. Parents and students will be notified of the expectations during meetings and via other forms of communications. Teachers should not search students' devices (devices should only be searched by administration or law enforcement)

Parents and students will sign an acceptable use policy agreeing to expected appropriate behavior by students.

Is there a plan to teach students on what is and isn't appropriate to do in school?

It is a mandate that all students are taught digital citizenship. At the present, curriculum is developed to address online safety and security, digital citizenship, cyber bullying and research. These topics are taught in every grade level through computer, language arts, social studies, health, high school guidance classes and Olweus meetings. In addition, it is important for all staff to teach students how to be a good digital citizen when using devices.

Can the students' internet activity be followed by district personnel to see what they are viewing?

No, we will not be able to see the sites that students have visited. If a teacher does view a student on an inappropriate site, then discipline action should be taken.

Will the middle school students be able to carry a bag to conceal/protect devices?

While students at middle school have not been allowed to carry backpacks during the day, discretion may be used for students to carry a protective case that is an appropriate size for that device.

May the students use their 3G/4G device?

Students may use their 3G/4G network if they would like. However, we recommend that they connect their device to the CV open network so that they do not have to use their 3G/4G data plans.

CV’s network will be opened so that students can access virtually any site using our network so it will not be that different from their 3G/4G network. The only sites that will be blocked on CV’s network will be sites with pornography or obscenities.

How will security be addressed for students who bring their devices to the locker rooms when going to Physical Education class?

Students will be responsible for their own devices so they should bring locks for their PE lockers. Parents and students will sign a form agreeing that they are responsible for their items. No devices are permitted to be used in locker areas.

Will BYOD increase dependency on technology causing students to not understand how to use resources such as a dictionary and/or thesaurus?

Technology has already become incorporated into our society. It is important as educators to teach our children when it is appropriate and how to use the 21st Century resources available to them. Online dictionary and/or thesaurus are resources that our students should be comfortable using.

Can teachers have students put devices at the door if they are not being used? Do teachers need to use devices every day?

Devices do not need to be used in every lesson, but students may bring the devices with them to the classroom. Having students put the device upside down on the corner of their desk is one strategy for monitoring students when devices are not needed.

What happens if a student videotapes a peer or a teacher without permission?

If a student is caught videotaping without permission, teachers should follow the discipline procedure set by the principal of the building. Parents and students will be notified of the policies. These policies are already in place.

How will teachers learn about new devices, software, or apps that are appropriate for their curriculum?

We will have Technology Specialists in each building who will share resources with the staff.

Will the BYOD initiative replace computer teachers?

BYOD will not replace computer teachers.

Will teachers be responsible for troubleshooting and fixing students’ devices?

Teachers are not responsible for getting student devices up and running. Students are to be the experts of their own devices, or they can help one another.

What happens if there is a tragedy somewhere such as 911 or Sandy Hook, and students can access information on their devices?

If teachers find out about a tragedy occurring during the day, teachers can use the strategy of "Devices Down" so that students are not on the internet.

What about the students who do not have internet at home, or do not have a device to use?

Teachers and students will still have access to building resources (Computer labs, laptop carts, …) to use in class. An important part of a BYOD program is the opportunity for students to collaborate and share devices. We are looking into options for students who do not have devices to use at home. The plan is to get them a device that can be used at school and at home. In addition, we are looking into giving students access to the internet at home if they don't have it.

Will staff members be able to connect their devices to the network and projectors?

Yes, staff members can connect their devices to the network and the projectors. If a staff member brings a device that needs to have a special connector, it will be the staff member’s responsibility to buy the needed connector. Also, the technology department will only support district provided devices.

Can social media sites be blocked?

Social media sites can be blocked but the positive use of social media outweighs the negatives. CV’s open network will allow social media sites. Part of our goal is to teach students how to effectively use social media as well as critique its value and accuracy before students are left alone to use social media. It should be emphasized that inappropriate sites will not be tolerated in CV buildings as outlined in the student handbook/district policies.

What should happen if students are texting their parents to pick them up because they are not feeling well even though they haven’t seen a school nurse?

Students and parents will be expected follow the district’s current procedures for dismissal.

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