Will there be devices at school?

Will There Be Devices at School?

The presentation in December 2012 to the School Board also included a recommendation for a five-year technology plan to update some existing, and purchase limited new, CV provided devices. The average age of computers in the district in June 2013 will be 6 years. The proposed plan calls for replacement of less desktops and laptops than currently owned. The belief is that, as more students begin to provide their own devices, the need for district-provided student devices will decrease.

If the technology plan for district provided devices is approved, these devices would likely utilize the Windows 8 platform. If approved, the district may provide a technical specifications sheet that outlines what specs would be fully compatible with district equipment. However, internet-ready devices – new or old – will be permitted under Bring Your Own Device no matter the operating software.

Regardless of the outcome of the Board's decision on new devices, teachers will have access to hardware that can be utilized by students who do not have a device for the specific lesson that incorporates technology. Cumberland Valley is committed to providing or insuring all students receive equal opportunities to technology during their educational day.

Board discussion will continue regarding CV provided devices.

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