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What is Agriculture?

Although it is common for most to relate the term agriculture with farming and farmers, the realm of agricultural education is more than cows, sows, and plows.  Agriculture encompasses a diverse array of modern technologies and business practices to support our nation's food, fiber, and natural resource systems.

Before reading further, ask yourself a few questions...

1. Do you typically eat three meals per day?

Food - Everyone loves it, right?  Every person needs a well-balanced diet to live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

2. Do you enjoy wearing those comfy sweat pants on a cold winter morning or those denim jeans that give you style and flare?

Fiber - Who doesn't love to shop and buy new clothes?  The cotton, linen, and wool produced by agriculturalists are the primary components of our clothing.

3. Do you like to go camping and enjoy the outdoors? Or better yet, do you enjoy the comforts of your home?

Natural Resources - Although conservation is key, humans depend on nature for both lumber to build homes and simply enjoy the outdoors for its aesthetic and serene beauty.

If you answered YES to any or all three of these questions, you are impacted by agriculture on a daily basis - whether you realize it or not.


Food for thought... Did you know?

- The FFA is an integral part of Ag Education

- Pennsylvania is the leading grower of mushrooms in the world with the epicenter being in Chester County (Kennett Square)

- 1 out of 7 jobs is directly related to agriculture

- One American farmer feeds 155 people daily

- There are over 58,000 farms in PA that cover over 7.7 million acres (1 Acre = 1 College Football Field!)

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- Pennsylvania is considered to be the 'Snack Food Capital of the World'

- The world's largest Standardbred horse farm is located in York County - Hanover Shoe Farms

- The Commonwealth produces over 1.1 billion board feet of hardwood lumber per year

- Ag in PA has a $44 billion economic impact

 Cow-Map Shirt Design

At Cumberland Valley, we offer a variety of courses that help students develop themselves into poised and skillful young adults.  A primary focus of our curriculum is to enhance student learning through hands-on, experiential learning. 

We provide the knowledge, academic rigor, and opportunity for advancement through intra-curricular activities provided within the CV FFA Chapter, Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE), and Career Development Events (CDE). All of these activities promote premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.

To learn more about the courses offered in Agriculture Education at Cumberland Valley, the FFA program, and our FFA Alumni - please visit the links at the left-side navigation menu.

One final thought... it is projected that by the year 2050 our world population will swell to 9 billion people.  We already have limited resources to feed the world's people.  What industry will be put under the most pressure to ensure our nation's and world's food safety and security?  Agriculture!  It is everyone's responsibility to guarantee we have viable soil, resources, and the knowledge to continue to thrive as a civilization - for our generation and generations to come.





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