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Parent Conference Night FAQs

Why are there duplicate standards within a tracker showing the same information?

Standards are duplicated if they are assessed in more than one unit. Some priority standards are assessed in every unit so they appear 6 or more times in the tracker. Our scope and sequence document lists the standards taught in each unit and can be found by clicking on your child’s grade level at the following link: 

Why do pre-assessments need to be reported on the trackers, if they are to be guiding the teacher’s instruction?

Pretests are included in Mastery Connect to show growth and in some cases to demonstrate mastery of a standard. When a child shows mastery of a standard on a pretest, the teacher can provide enrichment opportunities and alter his/her instruction to focus on the standards the child has not yet mastered.

How will we know if a particular standard is done being assessed or will be continued to be addressed?

Our scope and sequence lists when each standard will be assessed. You can find these documents by clicking on your child’s grade level at the following link:

If my child goes from Mastery at the beginning of the year to Remedial at the end is that because the concepts are becoming more complex?

Yes, the priority standards contain multiple concepts that increase in complexity over a school year. Our curriculum maps identify the concepts included in each standard and can be found by clicking on your child’s grade level at the following link: 

I have two children, a son and a daughter but I can only see my daughter’s information in Mastery Connect. Is there a way for me to see both children’s progress?

When you log in to your Mastery Connect account and see your daughter's name in the green bar at the top right, there should be a black triangle next to her name.  Please click on that symbol - it will allow you to switch to your son's account.

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