Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions for both students and parents:

1. Do we practice with the boys wrestling team? 

No. All of our practices and training sessions are for Girls only. 

2. Do we compete against boys?
No. We only compete against other Girls Wrestling Teams. There are some tournaments we will attend where boys will be wrestling at the same time, but we will only be competing against girls in the girls' division.

3. How will girls wrestling benefit my daughter?
First, wrestlers internalize a positive body image that is strong, healthy, and fit. Thru positive reinforcement and improvement, they gain self- confidence. 
Second, wrestlers join a sisterhood as they form bonds like no other sport--this is from the camaraderie they develop (with both teammates and opponents) thru sharing hardships in training. Those bonds of trust help you make friends for life.

4. What do girls wear when they compete and practice?
In competition, Girls can wear either a women's cut wrestling singlet (its higher on the chest) or fight shirt and fight shorts. We always wear a headgear to protect our ears. You can purchase and wear knee pads to protect your knees.
In practice, Girls wear tights and/or shorts and a T-Shirt. 

5. How would you wear your hair during practice and competition?
The best way is for girls to wear their hair in a braid or a tight ponytail. The headgear helps keep it in place. If you have bangs, your headgear will help keep them back.

6. What kind of shoes will I need?
You will need to get a pair of wrestling shoes. Many brands make them including Asics, Nike, Adidas, and Rudis. There are many 'Women's Wrestling Shoes' options listed at Below those options, there are several paragraphs about sizing and picking the right wrestling shoe for you.

7. Are there any cuts in Girls Wrestling?
No. Wrestling is not for the fainthearted. If you have the willpower and discipline to keep showing up and working hard, you are on the team.
Remember, participation in interscholastic athletics at Cumberland Valley is voluntary and a privilege. Athletes need to remain academically eligible, remain in good standing (discipline), and meet team rules and expectations.

8. When is the season?
Girls wrestling is a Winter Sport. During the regular season, mandatory practices begin on Friday, November 18th, 2022 and end after Girls High School States on March 12th, 2023.

9. Where and when to we practice?
During preseason (mid-September to mid-November), we will have workouts for those not involved in a fall sport three days a week from 3:30-5:30. They always start in the HS Wrestling Room for the first hour, and we spend the second hour in either the weight room for strength training or elsewhere for conditioning. Bring wrestling shoes AND running shoes.
During the regular season (November 21st to March 12th) we will practice after school in the Auxiliary Gym of Eagle View Middle School from 3:45 to 6:00 PM. There is a Girls Locker Room with lockers that can be secured with 6 individual, private shower stalls across the hall from the Auxiliary Gym. As most of our competitions are on Sunday, we will likely use Monday for recovery, with practices from Tuesday thru Saturday.

10. What are the weight classes for Girls Wrestling?
We use 13 weight classes in Pennsylvania in High School: 100-106-112-118-124-130-136-142-148-155-170-190-235.

We will never ask a girl to cut weight. We want girls to wrestle at their natural weight, be healthy, strong, hydrated, and focused on becoming a better wrestler.

11. How many other teams are in Pennsylvania?
As of November 10th, 2022, there are 72 official Girls HS Wrestling Teams in Pennsylvania, including 27 in District 3. Going into June of 2021, there were only 10. The growth has been incredible. I expect the state to go over 100 within the next 1-2 years and be sanctioned by the PIAA. The PIAA has recognized Girls Wrestling as an emerging sport.

12. Can my child do other sports and activities?
Yes, during the fall and/or spring seasons we encourage our athletes to participate in other sports and activities. We already have girls that participate in soccer, field hockey, cross country, water polo, cheerleading, track and field, and JROTC.
13. Can my child do other activities during the regular season?
We want our athletes to have wrestling as their first extracurricular commitment in the winter. Wrestling in Pennsylvania is competitive at every level. We will treat all athletes on a case-by-case basis. However, there are standards for practice attendance to remain in good standing on the team. In all cases of attendance conflicts, speak with Coach Seagreaves, the earlier the better. Good communication is the key.

14. Does the Girls Wrestling Team have access to the School Athletic Trainers? 
YES! As an official school sport, every athlete on our squad will benefit from the facilities and treatment of the High School Athletic Training Room and our first-class athletic training staff, just like any other official sport at Cumberland Valley High School.

15. Are there women's wrestling teams in college?
YES! There are over 125 women's collegiate wrestling programs nationwide, including 8 right here in Pennsylvania: Gannon University, East Stroudsburg, Lock Haven, Delaware Valley, Alvernia, Ursinus, York, and Cedar Crest. Women in college wrestle what is called "Freestyle," the style of wrestling that is done in the Olympics and other international competitions.
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