Make-Up Policy

It is the responsibility of each student to make up the concepts and objectives missed during his/her absence. The student should meet with the teacher to determine whether the make-up will be a written assignment or an activity based make up. If the student missed a class where an assessment activity took place, it would be the responsibility of the student to complete the assessment activity.

Make-up timetables and dates will be determined by the instructor. In every make up case, the individual student’s number of absences and overall makeup workload will be considered when determining a makeup date. In a situation where a student cannot meet the posted time, the student must make arrangements with the teacher prior to the make-up deadline. All make-ups will need to completed by the end of the marking period.

If the student cannot participate in an activity class or unit due to an injury, illness or medical condition, they must find out what they need to do to complete the concepts and objectives of the activity from his/her grade level teacher. Written assignments that can be participated in during Physical Education class time are an option that will in most cases be provided.

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