Portrait of a Graduate



(March 2022): Over the next several months, we will be working to create a Portrait of a CVSD Graduate. This work will focus on identifying how living in a modern society has affected and will affect the workforce needs of our community and will identify what the school district can do to ensure our graduates remain fiercely competitive and skilled so they are prepared to be E3 Ready - meaning they are ready to either Enlist, Enroll, or be Employed upon graduation.

The changes in the work environment that we will be reviewing are:

Workforce Shifts
1. Changes from a primarily routinized workplace (factories prior to automation) to one where most work is non-routinized
2. The current and expected increase in the amount of positions in the service economy or positions that have a service component
3. The expansion of a “be your own boss” gig economy

Pace of Change
1. Major changes in technology which are increasing exponentially and how those changes affect work and everyday life
2. The explosion of information and access to that information
3. The increasing pace of innovation

1. Continued exponential increases in the human population and the way that is impacting our environment and the natural world
2. Changes in demographics in the United States and more locally in Cumberland County

Human Interaction
1. The way in which designing for meaning impacts new products; how civic discourse and the ability of our students to engage in it is a critical skill; how empathy and interpersonal skills are now more important than ever; and how the ability to make meaningful connections with others is increasingly seen as a basic human need.

Part of this work will involve working with area businesses, higher education institutions, and other community organizations. It will also involve surveying our parents and high school students about what their hopes are for all of our graduates.

In the next several weeks we will be sending out a survey that asks parents and high school students to rank a list of critical attributes they feel are the most important for our graduates. Our Portrait Design Team, which consists of area business and community organization representatives, school district staff, and parents, will use that information to help to prioritize the attributes we have in our final Portrait of a CV Graduate. Once that work is completed, the real work will begin, which will be to identify how these attributes and skills are embedded into the CVSD curriculum from K-12 to ensure that all graduates are prepared for life after graduation.

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